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Why Buy Breeze Residences


First of all, the homes are affordable. The they target the middle income families. The prices of the homes vary depending on a person's choice of home; a studio, one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. What you should keep in mind is that living in an affordable home does not mean one should live in a filthy and uncomfortable place. The homes here are very appealing to the eyes and are very comfortable. It is disturbing and quite embarrassing to bring friends in a shady home especially for the youth. It is not bragging but public opinion really counts and it influences us in a great way.
Security is everyone's number one concern when it comes to buying homes. Sometimes passing by the neighborhood or in real estate offices you can hear "Are there any cases of burglary?" "How is the security there?" You are not buying that posh car and those expensive furniture and electronics only to be stolen and making some thieves richer and this is why the question of security just has to pop up every time one thinks of buying or renting a home. The twenty four hour security in the Breeze Residences is assuring. The cameras are always rolling.

The automatic fire detection and alarm system is one thing to make you move in that residential building. For as much as we say that we must die, we don't have to die a painful death like burning or suffocating to death and our properties do not have to get destroyed in infernos yet those are thing that can be avoided. Prevention is better than cure and that is why SMDC Breeze Residences did not think twice about installing automatic fire detection and alarm system.  However, those two should not make you jump to rush to the office to buy a home yet, for there is more than that. There is no need to have alarm systems when you cannot exit the building. Well, there are sufficient fire exits so you can head out. In as much as it is said that in case fire breaks out you should not panic, it is natural to panic and the first thing that comes to one's mind is to run, get away from here: the adrenaline is pretty good at its job and that's why there is need for sufficient fire exits otherwise it would just be scrambling for that one exit.

The residence's proximity to Manila central business district and the major shopping centers offers the residents a wonderful living experience in the city. Most recognised medical and educational institutions that are tucked in this blessed city are near this residence thus simplifying things for the residents. This ideal location allows the residents to access the best of the best; schools, medical centres, entertainment and recreational hubs.

The Exceptional Features of SM Breeze Residences

Breeze Residences has first-rate features to their life a thrilling one. Its exceptional features ensure that the residence enjoy a luxurious and relaxed lifestyle; luxury and convenience.

The landscaped area  allow the residence to stroll around and have a good time breathing the fresh air no wonder the residence goes by the name 'breeze'. The breeze is inviting and it creates the ambiance of cool and peaceful environment. The landscaped area is so scenic especially for the lovers of nature.  Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower and this is exactly what Breeze Residence is providing to its residents.

Breeze Residences is a multi-faceted fun living place which ensures that its residents enjoy themselves as much as possible. The invigorating recreational amenities elevates the lifestyles of Breeze residents to a new level. The multiple pools being the best places to enjoy oneself. The kids are not left out either for they have their own swimming pool and a play area just to ensure that they enjoy the vibrant lifestyle of Breeze Residences.

The first-rate residential estate ensures that the residents enjoy a five-star living during their stay in Pasay City. Breeze Residence introduces a new perspective to residential living. A residence that houses the family together with their properties. The parking slots in the residence are just enough for everyone. New beginnings have never been this exciting and that is why no one has a reason of not celebrating all of life's milestones at Breeze Residences. Every day living should not be ordinary but resort-like and that is why Breeze Residences is dedicated to faithfully serve its residents by providing five parking floors to the residents.

The homes were constructed with everyone's taste in mind and that is why it can accommodate those studying, those working, children and the young families. Those who are studying experience the air of a good life by living in Breeze Residences. They get to attend the best of the best educational institutions in the city due to its proximity to the schools. The residential units are constructed in a manner that suites students' needs especially those in colleges and universities. The units are spacious enough to host parties during the weekends. Furthermore, Breeze residence is the best place in as one gets to spend glorious summer days just at their doorstep; the swimming pool, the lounge area, the grand lobby and the function room all waiting to give them all the fun they want.
As for the young families, the rooms are spacious enough to allow the kids move around with ease. Moreover, the children's play area and the swimming pool ensures that there is no vocabulary as 'boredom' in their lives.

For those working, the marvelous grand lobby, lounge area and function room are all there to help the residences unwind after a long stressfull day.

Breeze Residences is definitely the place to be.


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