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Living at Breeze Residences gives one the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant life of Pasay city. A condo does not qualify to be called a home if it takes pride in poor city but the Breeze Residences are more qualified to be called homes. This is because they take pride on the soil of Pasay city.

Pasay city is a city that is thriving economically day in day out. It houses major corporations and major commercial buildings thus proving to be one of the best cities to live in. This is city that does not know the vocabulary poverty. The city houses the headquarters of some international corporations. Moreover, it is home to most of the national government offices. This means that as a resident of Breeze Residences, you will never pronounce the term 'unemployment'. All these offices are there to make you grow financially. Pasay will never ceases showing kindness to its residents. Pasay never sleeps. It's nightlife is one to be amazed with. This city is the centre of the action. The artistic design of the movie theatres and the classic cinema halls makes the residents wish that Monday never arrives. Pasay city is the centre of the action. The clubs are always ready to give a lifetime thrill to Pasay residents. Partying and clubbing is highly welcomed in this world renowned city. The clubs offer what no other clubs offer. These are the best places to unwind after a long stressful week.

The movie shops have their doors open round the clock this the passive part of the population have nothing to whine about. These romantic city does not leave out the couples regardless of their age. There are numerous places to have romantic dinners and dates. The live performances and the romantic settings ensures that the date goes just as you wished them to. Yes, this is how the residents of Breeze Residences get to enjoy themselves.The ever efficient means of transportation are something to smile about. For road transport, the taxis are ever ready to take the residents to their desired destination; giving you a comfortable ride being the only passenger in the cab.

Worry not if you want to travel outside the city but you want the most comfortable ride for the airport is just a few minutes away from the central business district. The cozy airplanes provide services round the clock thus the residents do not have to worry about not being able to travel on a holiday or at night. Well, it is time to enjoy the ride at the light of the stars and the moon. The nature-rich city is the best place to shed of that annoying fat around one's waist and also the best place to gain those muscles and cubes by going to the state-of-the-art fitness centers. The pristine areas privide the best places to jog in the morning or in the evening. Were it not for the merciless sun scorch during the day, Pasay residents would be seen jogging and walking in those beautiful pathways.

Nearby Places :

  • De La Salle College of St. Benilde (9 min)
  • STI (6 min)
  • Asian Institute of Maritime (4 min)
  • Manila Adventist Medical Center (6 min)
  • Pasay General Hospital (6 min)
  • Ospital ng Maynila (6 min)
  • Our Lady of Sorrow (2 min)
  • San Rafael Parish (6 min)
  • Sta. Clara de Montefalco Parish (6 min)
  • Sun Plaza (6 min)
  • SM Mall of Asia (7 min)
  • Hobbies of Asia (4 min)
Breeze Residences Location

In addition, Roxas Boulevard is close to a historic and visionary development in Manila known as Solar City.

Solar City

Solar City is often referred to a “City of the Future.” This ambitious project involves reclaiming land from the sea and turning it into an entertainment area that includes convention centers, restaurants, theaters, and world-class shopping, along with luxury residential properties, like Breeze Residences. Hotels and casinos will entice thousands of visitors every year and theme parks will offer thrills and chills with state-of-the-art rides.

The project will also offer an international cruise terminal, positioning Manila as a tourist port destination. All of the businesses and entertainments will be powered with Green Technology and sustainable energy, and the project is estimated to bring 250,000 new jobs to Manila initially, with more opportunities in the future.

The project is not without its detractors, but the monetary benefits will greatly boost opportunities for Manila’s population and increase its economy tremendously. The Philippines used to be known as “The Pearl of the Orient Seas,” a title the government wishes to reclaim. The Solar City, and other projects like it, are the hope of the Filipino people.

History of Pasay City

Pasay City is part of the Metro Manila area or The National Capital Region (NRC). Composed of 17 cities, the NRC was established in June of 1978 by Ferdinand Marcos, and is the seat of government for the Philippines. However, the area that is known as Pasay City has a rich history of its own.
The naming of Pasay City is told in three legends. The most likely of these is the legend of a beautiful princess in a time long ago. Between the years of 800 and 1175, the ancient Kingdom of Namayan reign as the oldest of three kingdoms governing the modern Manila area, dividing it into “mini-states.” These mini-states correspond to the modern cities that make up Metro Manila. While the kingdom’s influence peaked in 1175, it still evolved in the political empires of the area and survived in some form until the 16th Century, when Spain claimed the region.

In the area that is now Pasay City, the King Lakan Tagkan took for a wife a Bornean slave. Even though he had 5 sons from his highborn wife, Lady Buan, the daughter his slave wife bore him inherited the territory that bares her name, Dayang-dayang Pasay of the Namayan Kingdom. The Princess donated her lands to the Catholic Church before she died to ensure her place in Heaven.

Spain came to the Philippines in in 1521, when Ferdinand Magellan “discovered” the islands, and it ruled until 1898. In 1898, the United States received the islands in the treaty that ended the Spanish-American war and held the islands until 1942, when the Japanese captured them during World War II. After the war ended in 1945, the Philippines reverted back to the United States. On July 4, 1946, a treaty was signed between the US and the Philippine government to establish Filipino independence.

Roxas Boulevard

Many cities have boardwalks or beachside promenades that offer shopping and entertainments, but few have one that can rival Roxas Boulevard. Close to historical sites like the Manila Cathedral, Rizal Park, and the Tanghalang Pambansa (National Theater,) Roxas Boulevard also offers world-class shopping and entertainment.

Built as part of the City Beautiful movement in 1905, American Architect Daniel Burnham envisioned a waterfront roadway to take advantage of the beautiful sunsets over Manila Bay, framed by the coconut trees, bamboo shoots and mango tress, which also supplied shade and protection from the elements. Along the roadway, a place for walking along the seaside was critical to the visual beauty Burnham had in mind. Needless to say, his vision was an overwhelming success and Roxas Boulevard is one of the premier addresses in Metro Manila

Breeze Residences offers a convenience to nightlife few other condominium complexes can. Looking for a great place to eat? Try the five-star restaurant Nobu Restaurant in the City of Dreams Hotel and Casino. Owned by the American actor, Robert DeNiro, it is one of the world’s most recognized Japanese restaurants.
Not in the mood for Japanese, the City of Dreams has four other restaurants to choose from.

Just a few steps away is Solaire Resort and Casino. Try your hand at Black Jack, then take in a show. After that, have an elegant Italian dinner at Finestra, one of 4 fine dining establishments at Solaire. Need to work off that dinner? Dance the night away in the Eclipse bar.

As you can see, Breeze Residences is cleverly located to take advantage of the phenomenal offerings of Roxas Boulevard. Award-winning entertainment is at your fingertips and is positioned close to your five-star quality new home.

Mall of Asia

If shopping is more your style, the Mall of Asia offers something for everyone and it’s all within walking distance. With over 600 stores, a day of retail therapy will invigorate you. Whether you are looking for that show-stopping dress or the latest style of jeans, the Mall of Asia has it and more.

Everyone likes movies and the Mall of Asia has one of the most advanced theaters in the world. Offering Imax with a 4D cinematic experience and the opulent Director’s Club with reclining seats and butler service, the theater puts you right in the middle of the movie experience.

Ice skating on a tropical island? Yes! At the Mall of Asia. Take your family to the Olympic-sized ice rink and make memories watching your little ones learn to skate. If you don’t feel like skating yourself, don’t worry. The rink is also used for skating competitions and hockey games.

Of course, the restaurant offerings at the Mall of Asia have something from everyone. From Krispy Kreme donuts, cafés and other American-type fast food, to fine dining options, like the Movie Stars Café, you can find any type of cuisine from any country to tickle your fancy. Some of the restaurants even deliver. Fun is just around the corner when you live at Breeze Residences.

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